Marquis de Fourcaud

Marquis de Fourcaud is a special selection of wines made by the winemakers of La Nauve Vins & Vignobles on the famous terroirs of the Bordeaux region.
Each wine of the range, the red from the Médoc appellation, the Bordeaux Blanc and the Bordeaux Supérieur, gets special attention and is vinified with traditional methods.

Thoughout the world, wine drinkers need reference points in relation to taste and quality . That is the role of Marquis de Fourcaud Brand . 


In France, and internationaly, brands bearing Richard Veyry signature, as Marquis de Fourcaud, stand out through their quality price ratio and care taken over their presentation  . Marquis de Fourcaud wine collection offer an appropriate  solution to every wine-drinking scenario .

Everything starts out in the vineyard, with a drastic selection of the best terroirs and strict vine-growing rules in order to guarantee high quality fruit. Yields are low, sorting rigorous, and the wines are traditionnaly fermented before ageing  to enhance each terroir's authenticity. All these efforts and attention are richly rewarded by the quality and generosity of  Richard Veyry wines, whose opulent style and excellent ageing potential represent the quitessence of the finest wines of Bordeaux.